Thursday, March 5, 2015

Last week it was announced that the President will once again be using his perceived imperial power to protect us all from ourselves, swoop in and solve a problem that does not exist. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said on March 2nd
“We are looking at additional ways to protect our brave men and women in law enforcement, and believe that this process is valuable for that reason alone,” 
The White House said that the President is targeting the popular ammo in an effort to "save police officers' lives" even though there is no evidence to suggest that any vest-wearing cop has ever been killed or injured by a single M855 Green Tip round. So, a problem that doesn't even exist is the only reason for banning ammo that is overwhelmingly (dare I say, almost completely) used by law-abiding citizens.

Earnest then went on to say…
“The president has long believed that there are some common-sense steps that we can take… to ensure that we’re protecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans while also taking some common-sense steps to prevent people who shouldn’t have guns from getting them,"
Wait, that made no sense, I thought this was about taking cop-killing ammo away, not guns? Without ammo, a gun is just a really expensive paperweight. So, this is yet another back-door tactic to subvert the Second Amendment? After that, he just couldn't help himself.
“This seems to be an area where everyone should agree that if there are armor-piercing bullets available that can fit into easily concealed weapons, that it puts our law enforcement at considerably more risk."
There's so much canon fodder in this ridiculous statement that it will be hard to condense, but I'll try.

Many reports have broken since the news came to light and has been reported as targeting "only one kind" of popular ammo used in AR15 rifles. There are others, 5.56, .223, what's the big deal? Well, it might be worth it to point out that M855, 5.56 and .223 are ALL THE SAME BULLET! If you ban one, it opens the door to ban them all.

First of all, the ban specifially targets the M855 "Green Tip" ammo. What's that? I'm glad you asked! (a really sexy bullet if you ask me).

Well kids, the jerk at the podium said they were "armor piercing." Now, why did he say that? Because the words "armor piercing" evokes a collective gasp out of people who just don't know any better, that's why. Why is that a blatant lie? Because the Law Enforcement Officers Protection Action (LEOPA) of 1986 states that the definition of "armor piercing" is as follows…
18 U.S.C. 921(a)(17)(B) provides:
(B) The term “armor piercing ammunition” means—
(i) a projectile or projectile core which may be used in a handgun and which is constructed entirely (excluding the presence of traces of other substances) from one or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper or depleted uranium; or 
(ii) a full jacketed projectile larger than .22 caliber designed and intended for use in a handgun and whose jacket has a weight of more than 25 percent of the total weight of the projectile.
Simply put, the core of the bullet has to be made of a hard metal such as steel or iron, be made for use in a handgun (or pistol, remember that for later) and the jacket, or the outer shell of the bullet has to make up more than a quarter of it's weight. It has to look like this on the inside.

This is what the "Green Tip" looks like (below). It has a steel tip but the bulk of it is made out of soft lead. Most other .223 rounds have a core made entirely of soft lead. True armor piercing rounds have a black tip on the jacket (as seen above).

The understanding of what constitutes armor is also being misrepresented. The White House is talking about the light vests that cops wear. In that case, then yes, this round will likely penetrate it, but then, SO WILL MOST OTHER RIFLE ROUNDS! Those vests are rated for handgun rounds at close range. According to the military, and otherwise, the definition of armor refers to the outside of military styled vehicles. In which case, this round doesn't come close.

Now the final bit of this ludicrous argument. Earnest claimed that the ammunition was being fired from "easily concealable" weapons. According to the official code, the projectile must be fired from a "handgun" or pistol and have the required components to be classified as "armor piercing". This is the "easily concealable" "handgun" that he is talking about.

It's pretty awesome! However, even though it is being referred to as a "pistol" in the AR15 enthusiast circles, with the same lower receiver, modified stock and shortened barrel, it can hardly be considered a pistol. Oh, and I'd like to see you try to stick that in your pants.

Careful, It's almost pointing right at you! In a world where a kid can get sent home for chewing a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun, if you're a liberal I bet this scares the crap out of you. Think about it. we live in a world where gun-shaped pastries are deemed a security threat. It's insanity!

While it's entirely possible that these facts simply escaped the benevolent, all-caring, all-seeing, all-knowing, elitist wannabe monarchs that willy-nilly impose their wills on all of us for our own damn good, I propose that all of this is known and they are counting on us to be completely ignorant of it all and willing to relinquish just one more liberty they did not give to obtain just one more bit of security they cannot provide. 

Gun control was never about guns, it's about control. Any man who wants to disarm you wants to conquer you. Liberals hate guns because they don't understand them and fail to see how Liberty and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are pervasively linked. Progressives hate guns because they mean that a free and self-reliant citizenry has no need for them. An armed citizenry cannot be ruled or controlled and that's what this is all about.

Think big. Live free. Love more.


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Natalie Turner - Political Editor


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