Wednesday, March 4, 2015

There is a time of rest, peace, if you will, but in the peace you can literally feel the weight of an oncoming storm. We call this “the calm before the storm”. Most know what I am referring to, it's when a stillness settles upon the world before the outbreak of a storm. Sometimes this calm is long and abundant, at other times it is no more than a moment. 

This is a phenomenon that occurs in our weather, but what I am referring to presently, is its occurrence within our own lives. We don't always see this calm, but when we slow down and begin to pay attention to things, sometimes, we feel it, and can see the storm coming from miles away. You may think I want to tell you that this is the time to prepare yourself, but I am not. I am here to tell you, that when you know you are in this time of stillness, you need to take hold of every opportunity to pour into people exactly what they need, where they are at. Especially your family. 

Take advantage of the calm before the crazy and enjoy what time you do have together, make memories, build your foundation and your walls, don't worry so much about what is coming, focus on what you have and cultivate the love and joy and beauty that grows there. You can spend your whole life getting ready for pending disaster, and when it hits all those that you love and care about may not realize that all that you have done was for them, and it is possible that they see the relationship as more of a burden than an asset, unless you invest your time into the actual relationships you have with them. 

It is your time and attention that is most valuable, it is your most sought after quality. What you will reap, is what you sow. So choose your seeds wisely, because you never know when turmoil will hit, but you can bet that what can weather a storm becomes stronger afterwards, and what determines how something will handle the storms is dependent upon how it was invested in beforehand.

Kristin Wann-Family Editor


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